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Light Your Party Up!!!!


Glow Sticks 

Add some fun to your next event by busting out the Glow Sticks!!! Transform these into a neckless or bracelet!!!


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Glow Stick Batons

Really wanna feel the energy of your next event??? Bust out the Batons and put them in the air for an unforgettable night!!! Lighting its in our name!!! 

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Neon Gangster Fedoras

You can't have a party with out the Fedora's!!! Bust these badboys out in the middle of your event for maximized fun especially for the photo memories!!!


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Neon 80's Style Sunglasses

Talk about a #ThrowbackThursday these will definitely take you back!!! Bust out the 80's sunglasses for the ultimate #SelfieThrowdown!!!

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Dancing In The Clouds

Dancing In The Clouds

Get that picture perfect moment when you just awww the audience!!! These pics will always be my favorite and I know they will be yours as well!!!


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Co2 Canon Promo

Co2 Cyro Cannon

Get your party lit to the next level with the all new Cyro Cannon Co2 Gun!!! You talk about getting lit your guest will be talking about your party for years!!!

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