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Mashups & Mixing

A lot of times we get asked to do mixes or mashups for surprise dances for weddings and XV's! All of our clients that book with Freestyle Visions Sounds and Lighting are beyond happy that we actually give this service to all of our booking clients for free under any package! That does not mean we will only take care of our clients needs but we can also take care of everyones mixes! Posted down below are some full samples that we have actually used during LIVE sets! Inquire about this service today!!! 

Vows BreakdownFreestyle Mashup
00:00 / 01:53
Beyonce Mash UpBeyonce
00:00 / 00:51
Mini Cheer MashupFreestyle Mashup
00:00 / 00:49
XV MixdownFreestyle Mashup
00:00 / 04:58
Cheer MashupFreestyle Mashup
00:00 / 01:31

This Weeks Mix


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On the biggest night of your life you have to start it with a proper introduction! We would love to help you do that in our recording studio! We know at the start of the night it may seem a little nerve wrecking but as soon as that introduction hits that means its go time! Bring your night to life with the perfect intro created by yourself and or family members, thank everyone who came out and also all the parties involved in making it the biggest night of your life!!!!

Serena Aguilar Special Thank'sFreestyle Visions
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Slideshows & Music

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